Born in 1985 in Rome, Pablo is a belgo-italo-americano-anglo-scottish. He discovered the diatonic accordion at the age of 8. He never abandoned the instrument since. His music is inspired both by Italian sonorities, in the tradition od Riccardo Tesi, and by the "Belgian school", beautifully represented by Didier Laloy and Bruno Letron among others. He settled permanently in Belgium and became professional in 2005, specializing in traditional music and dances. Always in search of new musical horizons he stays open to other musical forms such as swing and "la chanson". He started "Les Bandits de Belleville", "Re:UNION", "Ekko Trio" and "Zigo" which mix musicians coming from jazz, classical training and poular music. With Baltazar Montanaro he has been performing since 2007 in the duo "I fratelli Tarzanelli" with whom he has traveled across Europe to meet different musical cultures which reinforce his imagination.